"Fashion is a world without rules. It is a land where freedom of all rules, frameworks are discarded" - Alexander Wang


Say bye April and hi May

I've just go to Ho Chi Minh City to learn everything about fashion, do what I want ^^!
Now I'm working at a office fashion showroom as a salesman and marketing... And have a lot of experience I can't tell I JUST WANT TO SAY IF YOU WANT TO BE A FASHION DESIGNER YOU HAVE TO SALE CLOTHING (you can know what a woman need in your stuff in many case, you can see what a designer do with the market...). I think I still go in the right way in fashion...just do not stop and continue doing anything in fashion. And OMG I can't believe that my boss, designer My Trang helped me alot when I move here (I applied my profile in 24h.com.vn). Now I'm sit down in her shop and writing something... really happy and feeling lucky  >.<!
Location: CHARFAS shop 26 Lê Văn Việt, P. Hiệp Phú, Q.9, TP.HCM (near CoopMart Xa Lộ Hà Nội, ngã tư Thủ Đức) Come here and see a lot of office clothing such as shirt, trousers, skirt, vets, dress, chemise, scraft,  accessories...PARIS COSMETICS (ARNAUD, VICTORIA'S SECRET, BATH & BODY WORKS...) 

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