"Fashion is a world without rules. It is a land where freedom of all rules, frameworks are discarded" - Alexander Wang


Some films I watched abt fashion

I think have too less fashion film to watch, so when I watch any film comedy, action, cartoon,... I always try to remember what they wear in what situation, especially Korea film, I'm upset with the way Korean styles... so amazing and excited... How can they do that? I wondered... How they marketing for their film, their clothings, their star....
Anyway I follow Fashion TV to update information oftenly.

I like the way Diesel make video to help us chose the stuffs we want easyly

Fashion 70's(Korea film)

Confessions of a shopaholic (I watch a lot of times but still like, in the poster she wore color block and then 2012 color block is now so so hot trend, how can they do that???)


The september issue(show we the world of fashion in Vogue mag.)

Baby faced beauty 

The modern youth

Fashion King (omg thanks you very much to make this film, Korean! I can't wait to watch it free online, so so happy T.T, it's like I'm learning in US...and make me understand a lot of thing abt how to try to make my dream come true... IT'S TRY TRY TRY...AND TRY, NEVER FALL DOWN)


The devil wears prada

Sex and the city

And have some film that I'm searching to watch bc I can't find it any where free...I also find fashion icon and celebrities film such as Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn... If you know more please tell me, thank you very much!

Valentino the last emperor


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