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How to mix cloths

I think the best way is try in yourself because not only the way it fix your figure, fix your color skin... not also your favorite, your comfortable when your wear it in what situation...
But we can't have enough money and time to do that, so we can imagine...
And Trendme have a lot of styles to help us, watch this video to understand more (click create, not combine)
You can create from trends, seasons, celebrities, from outfit you like, from your closet....If you can't find stuffs you want, you can find it anywhere else or take a photo, then cut and past in window paint or any design software (I always do that).
And they have a lot of good combine.
I recommend using Colorschemer software for designer to mix the color.
This video really helpful to mix color from Wendyslookbook


This one by me:

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