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I ♥ guitar

Today is very special day (11/11/2011) and I have a opotunity to come back my university.
I very like playing guitar but not much, just a little litte bit, so I'm trying to learn. But last night I have an idea and today I take some photo with my younger broder's guitar ♥. When I can play better I will have a post about "how to learn playing guitar?". And the FEDORA + RED hat I wanted for a long time ago, I just buy it and very excited ! And I take these photos in Dalat University where I studied for 4 years and have a lot of fun memories in here with QTK31 class.




Special thanks to Minh Tuanminh and Alex Silverfield

Red hat: 100.000 VND (second hand market)
Fedora hat: 200.000 VND
White shirt: 30.000 VND (second hand market)
Red sweater: 20.000 VND (second hand market)
Blue jeans: 150.000 VND
White shoes: 300.000 VND
Military jacket: 80.000 VND  (second hand market)
Sun glasses: ??? ( by Ngọc Bích Phan)
Brown belt: 40.000 VND (second hand market)

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