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Becoming a designer #5: Step by step

I just comeback from hospital, one month in here help me can see a lot of things in my life.
Now I feel not better than before, so sad abt that but I come back and start learn to paint again, I will do what I really want will help me have better health, I think.
Oh and I met a highshool friend, he teach me Photoshop, I'm practising it, it's so hard I think have to spend a lot of time to be a master (start on Photoshop CS3).
Have a comment from agnes szucs, she said that:

" i think maybe the best is to take smaller steps and increase your skills day by day... congrats on you graduation, and good luck with your dreams! you can sure make them come true if you really want to.
:) "

She's a graphic design student at 33 years old, as my inspiration... with Dulce Candy also have a mechanic in American Army and now she's in fashion design school....I will follow them and thanks for them so so much!

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