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Knit & Crochet

I can crochet with partern and knit(not much), this is some links for you guys if want to learn ^^!
Others languages website you can use google translate.
Remember type "how to knit, how to crochet" in google or youtube
I have some book, I will up in another post.
Remember picasa web you need find "album" in right sight of the page and click here.

* Basic:
picasa: KN Vogue Knitting on the Go Beginner Basics

* Advance:
picasa: "ondori", "doily" (very good)
LinhLeThuan: knit, cloth knit
Webchiem (good)
doily webchiem (very good)
Vogue Knitting  (very very good)

When you search you should use English and some others language ex Japan have a lot of  nice patern, Russia, France...
Be patient you can do anything, first you will so angry bc nothing as you want, but you practise hardly you will find the rules and learn so fast and look at the garments you can do the similar one.
The most important thing is "how to read the patern".
Start with simple patern, u don't need to buy expensive wools and tools. 
You can go to secondhand bookshop or new bookshop to buy knit & crochet book. 
Or call your grandma and so amazing abt her experience.
Or find a teacher if u need (I think u don't really need).

Amigurumi: art from Japan


And in the top of technique you can do something like that: 

So keep trying !


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