"Fashion is a world without rules. It is a land where freedom of all rules, frameworks are discarded" - Alexander Wang



"China Glazed, OPI, Orly, Zoya"  you can come these sites to view a lot of color or swatch & funny.
I am loving the moon nails and neutrals with pink stripes!
 I like paiting my finger like CL2425, so sweet!

"How To Paint Your Nails Perfectly" from

You can see "How to clean up messy nail polish application" from Cl2425... very useful in case u paint nail by yourself... 
can use some simple sticker and no more bc I don't want to bring much of thing in my nail.. it also diffical to do.You can use many thing to paint ex toothpicks, tapes, brush, anything u can think abt... LOL
And I love animals print so much, u can use leopard or zebra print like this:
I like have this way in nomal day, look so clearly.. and easy to do everything cook, clean...
This girl so sexy with red nail..

so unique 

remember chose right shape for your nail

Oh I really want  a nail collection and show you in near future ^^! 

so done, when have new infomation I will add more.

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